Why i'm running for re-election

It was my senior year of high school when I first presented a lesson to a classroom of students. The thrill of seeing students understand a concept after spending time creating a lesson that was engaging and fun had me hooked from the start.  Nothing felt more important than exposing young people to the skills and opportunities they can have with an education. 

As a teacher, I worked with incredible students facing great odds. As a nonprofit leader, I got to help young people reveal their leadership potential and take action in the areas about which they are most passionate. As a member of the school board, I have been able to serve as a voice for students and work to keep our district focused on what matters most – providing a high quality educational experience for our children.

It is no secret that the Minneapolis Public School district struggles. We face one of the largest achievement gaps in the nation and see systemic disparities that are preventing students from getting the education they need and deserve. In my first term, I have worked to reduce those systemic disparities in academic performance and suspensions, and empower each school community to decide what is needed for their students.  We have seen the gains across the district for graduation rates, including some really big gains for our students with special needs and students of color.  While we still have more to do in this area, we’re headed in the right direction.

We have the power to create better outcomes for our kids. Governance is exceedingly important in leading from a set of values and articulating those into a vision for our schools. Imagine a safe, supportive, rigorous school for every child in our district. We can accomplish that together!

Education is the most important issue facing our city. When we get education right, we lower crime, decrease poverty, improve economic development, and attract jobs to our community. I am running for re-election because I believe we must do more for our kids.  We must focus on the most crucial issues and stay accountable to our students by ensuring they are prepared for life after graduation. Together we can bridge the gap between our shared aspirations and the reality many of our children face every single day.

I am running as an educator who is here to serve our students. Before every vote I ask myself if it is right for the kids. I ask for your support, your voice, and your vote on November 8th for Minneapolis School Board, District 4.